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Since I’m in Nashville today for #ridefordime this pic taken a few days earlier @siriusxm with country music badasses #BigAndRich made perfect sense to post! Thanks to @anabellapoland & @talktojoey for introducing me and for allowing me to hook up their entire crew w ice cold shots of #jagermeister! Plus the dudes, who were cool as fuk to me, are big fans of @afflictionclothing so their now getting hooked the f’Up!!! Cheers! To quote @shamansharvest, “son that ain’t country, that’s country as f*ck!” @bigandrichofficial @bigkennytv @johnrichofficial #jagermusic #countryasfuck #nashville #siriusxm #affliction

It’s ON! #ridefordime Nashville tonight! Come out & rock with us in the name of #dimebag #nathanbray #jeffreythompson #erinhalk raising $ for charities & of course throwing back some #blacktooth grins w ya! As always honored to be hosting tonight & I believe I may even get up on stage to sing a few #Pantera songs w #fungonewrong & the #FuckingPantera tribute band!!! C’mon! Thanks to @chadleephoto for putting all this together and I’ll see you all out at Main Street in Murfreesboro TN for a f’in ROCK show! @afflictionclothing #jagermusic @sxmliquidmetal @panteraofficial @dimebagdarrelllegacy @dimebagdarrellofficial @dimebaghardware @dimebagzhag #cfh #333 #pinkbeardinthesky @deanguitars #damageplan #rebelmeetsrebel #getchapull #headbangforscience

Happy f’in Birthday #meatbiscuit @whatsintheb0x #666Live @sxmliquidmetal w my Mom & intern @joshmusto from #ShitKill @siriusxm NYC studios last night! ThanX to @vincentrockwell @noainjection & Caroline for bringing Shawn the 666 candles & cupcakes! And thanx @markheylmun @suicidesilenceofficial for calling up our show, 1st 2nd time caller! Josh jammed my @panteraofficial FBD @deanguitars and my Mom took her very 1st #jagermeister shot on air!!! Thanks for all YOUR calls and we appreciate your diehard metallic support! Replays now every Thursday morning 9amET in addition to Wed night 9pmET! @afflictionclothing @monsterproducts devil-horned headphones! C’mon!!!! (at SiriusXM Studios)

I did it! Took my 1st acting class tonight focusing on my love HORROR!!! I’m still tripping out over the killer experience! I’m attending the #ActorsConnection in NYC. My 1st time EVER officially acting (outside of music videos) I had to act out a heart attack (HARD ATTACK!!!) in front of class of 10 and I pretended I was at a @battlecrossmetal concert (played it max on my iPhone) and I had had a heart attack and died after headbanging!!! Hahaha everything in my life is Metal, even my 1st acting out death scene! I had such an amazing night dying in all sorts of ways- gun shot to chest w bloody breathing sounds to cyanide poisoning while bound to chair! This horror acting class is so fukkin cool!!!!! I was nervous as crap in beginning, but after absorbing the energy in room and just letting go it became such a rush! My fav is when I died by cyanide poisoning and I got up completely dazed and worn out and totally in a zone! I tasted it. I want more. My homework is to bring list of horror movies that were banned in US, AND to watch Freaks! I’m f’in amped up as you can tell! Thanks to Pamela Kramer for being such a badass teacher and to #deathcoach Heather Drew for loving @officiallzzyhale, @halestormrocks and horror! I can’t wait for Round 2 next week!!! Hey @slash @robzombieofficial #deesnider I prepping to be in one of YOUR movies!!!! 🎃👻🎃 (at Actors Connection)

Favorite laugh of all time belongs to one of my Metal heroes & good friend #TomAraya #Slayer \m/ \m/ @revolvermag’s @brandongeist recently posted up the transcript (done by my new killer intern @joshmusto from #ShitKill, thanks bro!) of Tom’s fun call in to our weekly show #666Live talking about chocolates, chupacabras, familia, farm animals, and of course NEW Slayer album & tour! Check out #revolver’s site for full word for word - laugh for laugh transcription of our @sxmliquidmetal LIVE phone interview w @whatsintheb0x —-> <—- THIS amazing moment of the real Tom was captured last October in Las Vegas at the #HardRock before their slaying at #TheJointLV by slaytanic friend Sonny @rockmywalls —- Slayer starts their tour w #Exodus #SuicidalTendencies in Nov and I’ll see you at the show on 11/29 in the lesbian capital of New Jersey at the Wellmount Theater in Monclair! FUKKIN SSSLLLLLAAAAAAAAYYYEERRRRRRR!!!! @siriusxm @afflictionclothing #zoom @monsterproducts in-ears @slayerbandofficial #slayermakeseverythingbetter #slaytaniclaugh #metalteddybear #baberuth #metalchocolatesfortom #tacometalparty

Our 1st record player & me & the girls chose #Metallica And Justice For All to headbang to! #blackened #afamilythatslaystogetherstaystogether @yasss_mya_swag #avamarisol

Death Metal lords @cannibalcorpseofficial on their @mayhemfest tour bus recording @sxmliquidmetal week long special that’s currently bloodying up the @siriusxm sat-waves every hour!!! It’s an honor to support one of my all time favorite bands heading their new album campaign for A SKELETAL DOMAIN out now through @brianslagel’s @metalbladerecords !!! #liquidmetal continues to air new Cannibal Corpse and their #sxmtakeover breaks every hour through Sunday night! Thanks to @alexwebsterbass, George, Rob, Pat & Paul for bringing this type of music to the masses and making it sound so f’in sick!!! #CannibalCoprse #ASkeletalDomain #cannibalcoprseweek #deathmetal @afflictionclothing #mayhemfest

Gettin’ country as f*ck w @shamansharvest inside @sxmoctane @siriusxm NYC studios while shootin’ & regurgitatin’ ice cold #jagermeister c’mon! Had a fun ass time during our interview & they jammed the place up! Pick up then smoke up their new album “Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns” out this week! Cheers!!! @vincentrockwell @afflictionclothing @monsterproducts (at SiriusXM Studios)

Mega-ThanX to tonight’s special guests #666Live Tom Araya @slayerbandofficial & @jimbreuer_official @sxmliquidmetal @siriusxm replay is on NOW (LISTEN!!!!) w one more replay tomorrow (Thursday morning) 6amET / 3amPT - another Liquid Metal exclusive! Thanks as well to my partner in metallic crime @whatsintheb0x -@afflictionclothing Vegas Hard Rock store visit w Tomas last October and Jim in our house for a #tacometalparty oooooooou yyyeeeeaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

All week #siriusxm @sxmoctane #ozzysboneyard pay tribute to THIS guitar legend & friend @slash as we celebrate his new album #WorldOnFire! Music from it every hour this week on #Octane then starting Fri at 6pE over on @ozzyosbourne’s #Boneyard all the audio I was honored to gather from #slash about his career of ass kicking! Thanks to @vincentrockwell for taking pic inside studio 1 (where @sternshow wrap up show happens & every major interview) right after Slash signed my Tales From The Crypt comic! Love talking horror w him as he is massive hardcore fan and has his own horror movie company Slasher Films! I told him that I would love to get killed in one of his upcoming flicks and he was down! I got the audio to prove it! Hahaha! I love that he listens to Octane and Ozzy’s Boneyard all the time, and of course #HowardStern! We’ve done so many cool things together over the years for the airwaves, it feels great to keep up the Slash charge with full force! Tune in to #slashweek on SXM & rock the f’out! @afflictionclothing @monsterproducts #rocklegend #gunsnroses #guitaricon #talesfromthecrypt #horror #purehardrock #snakepit #slasherfilms #velvetrevolver (at SiriusXM Studios)

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